NHL 20 And his Own LucidSound Gaming Headset

Snoop Dogg, a reggae craftsman, is all of a sudden wherever in my life — particularly as it identifies with computer games. He’s as of now in my ears continually, and not due to his music. He likewise has another headset out with LucidSound, and he does the voice prompts for it. Furthermore, presently, he’s additionally in a hockey game.

Pause, what?

EA Sports has placed Snoop into NHL 20 as a playable character. He’s accessible in various modes, for example, Squad Battles. Also, in the event that you beat his Hockey Ultimate Team program, you’ll open his custom shirt. Be that as it may, Snoop isn’t only a computerized hockey star. EA is additionally placing him in the communicate corner as a visitor reporter. Presently, you can hear Snoop make statements like “the Toronto Maple Leafs” and other hockey-related expressions, which is generally excellent.

LucidSound LS50X Snoop Dogg Limited Edition Headset

Be that as it may, Snoop is entire with me. Or on the other hand, in any event, he’s with me insofar as I’m utilizing his official earphones from LucidSound. The organization teamed up with the craftsman to present its new LS50X, which is a gaming headset that works with Xbox One, versatile, and PC. It’s likewise affirmed to work with the cutting edge Xbox too.

Snoop’s restricted version LS50X is $300, and you can preorder it now. The standard LS50X is $250. Both will start transporting soon. Also, similarly as with other LucidSound items, similar to the LS40, it’s extraordinary compared to other all-around headsets. So despite the fact that $250 is a ton of cash, that cash goes particularly far with the LS50X in light of the fact that you can utilize them in such a large number of various circumstances. The headset works incredible for gaming. You can interface it to anything with Bluetooth — in spite of the fact that it has a low-idleness USB dongle for PC and Xbox. It has a devoted mic, and it sounds incredible. And afterward, you can expel the mic, interface the headset to your telephone, and continue utilizing it outside as your essential earphones for music and other sound substance.

I’m generally vigilant for a gaming headset that is flexible enough to work in each circumstance. Also, LS50X is the ruler of that. It’s an incredible sounding, happy with gaming headset for throughout the day use, and afterward, it’s likewise super-a la mode, so it won’t watch strange in broad daylight.

The LS50X likewise utilizes LucidSound’s astounding sound controls. Each significant catch is on the headset itself. You can modify the volume with a mammoth dial outwardly of the left ear cup. Furthermore, you can play/delay by tapping the goliath button on the headset. At that point you have another dial and fastens that can change tracks, rewind/quick forward, change sound settings, and that’s just the beginning. What’s more, I love this UI. I’m tired of small fastens or attempting to delicately tap remote earbuds. LucidSound beats everything else with regards to media controls.


All that I’ve referenced so far ought to apply to both the LS50X and its Snoop Dogg rendition. Be that as it may, the last isn’t simply $50 progressively costly. What’s more, it doesn’t simply say “Snoop Dogg” along the top. It additionally includes the Dogg father doing the entirety of the framework notice rings for the interface. At the point when you turn on the headset, Snoop welcomes you with a “la” like in his included area on Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode.” If you hit the play/stop button, Snoop will twitter in with a “power!” It is senseless to listen to some dreary web recording about a worldwide temperature alteration or something, and afterward, hear “power” when you delay it. Yet, my preferred Snoop voice brief is simply him saying “Bluetooth” when you interface a Bluetooth gadget. Nobody has ever said “Bluetooth” with such a frame of mind previously. The headset additionally has the Dogg-selective Snoopadelic EQ mode that the rapper set himself.

Between NHL 20 and the LS50X, Snoop has a great deal proceeding to end 2019. The headset is particularly great. Notwithstanding everything else, it likewise has a 20-hour battery life, which pushes it past the 15-hour limit that I’m searching for. With respect to disadvantages, it doesn’t utilize the aptX Bluetooth sound codec. Rather, it utilizes the standard SBC codec, which is substantially more inclined to idleness. This implies your sound may once in a while drop out of match up with activity on your telephone screen. It likewise doesn’t have any clamor crossing out. This may make it somewhat intense to use on a plane, yet the earcups are conventional enough at keeping out the most irritating sounds. Be that as it may, in general, Lucid Sound has another victor. With the LS50X, you won’t have to go out and get a devoted gaming headset and afterward separate earphones or earbuds. This is deserving of being your one committed sound gadget regardless of what you’re doing.

Updated: December 8, 2019 — 6:13 am

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